Single-phase Handheld
Automatic, single phase, handheld battery operated Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set Used tomeasure the Turns Ratio, excitation current, phase displacement, dc resistance and polarity of windings,in single phase and three phase transformers Unique design allows the user to operate the test set while holding it in one hand, eliminating the need to kneel or bend, speeding up the testing time.

Features and Specs

  • Fully automatic; fast; easy-to-use; handheld; robust; lightweight
  • Battery powered with power-saving and shutdown function
  • Tests turns ratio, phase displacement, excitation current, vector group, winding resistance and polarity
  • Meets all IP54 requirements
  • RS232 for data transfer and printing
  • Stores 200 test results and 100 user defined transformer test settings
  • Six user-selectable languages

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