The new Dry Block and Liquid Bath TC Series Temperature Calibrators provide solutions for testing temperature devices over a range of temperatures from -35°C to 650°C (-30°F to 1200°F), with a choice of dry block and liquid bath configurations to accommodate virtually any type, shape and size of sensor.

Comprised of four individual models, GE’s Druck TC Series Temperature Calibrators help instrument technicians maintain product quality, process efficiency, regulatory compliance and operational safety in industrial processes.


Features and Benefits

  • Calibrated to EA-10/13 (European Co-operation for Accreditation Guidelines on the Calibration of Dry Block Calibrators) ensuring high accuracy without a reference probe
  • Simplifies the complex arts and skills of temperature calibration to provide a highly accurate, yet simple-to-use temperature reference
  • Quick and easy touch screen setting and set point memory recall
  • Dry block and liquid bath configurations with multi use options for switching between dry, liquid and infrared well inserts
  • Accommodates anything from unique probe sizes to irregular shapes and provides a massive 60mm x 170mm capacity for simultaneously testing multiple sensors

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