Measurement of Sound and Vibration enables design of quieter, reliable and efficient product. Sound and Vibration measurement and analysis is used in diverse areas such as Automobile, its sub-suppliers Defence, Aerospace, Space, Pumps, Machine Tools, to design better products and test them. Sound (or noise) has an important social aspect and noise measurement is carried out to monitor the impact of noise pollution on society, at the work place or in normal habitats. For the past 5 decades, Jost’s is leading the way in this highly specialized area. Jost’s Sound and Vibration Division specializes in consulting assignments in relevant fields and provides turn key solutions on sound and vibration control including pre-installation, noise and vibration measurement and analysis , designing and fabricating enclosures and validating the results.

Sound Vibration Measurment

Solution Offered

  • General sound and vibration measurement through wide range of transducers and hand held meters / analyzers.
  • Complete solutions for NVH engineering (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).
  • Material characterization and testing for acoustical properties.
  • Sound quality solutions including Psycho Acoustic Test benches.
  • Complete range of acoustic holography solutions.
  • Sound power determination.
  • Modal and Structural analysis including MIMO and operational modal.
  • Environmental noise monitoring systems and software for noise at airport, traffic, community & industry.
  • Underwater acoustic measurement and analysis.
  • Special purpose acoustic enclosures.
  • Anechoic rooms and reverberation chamber.


Environmental Noise Management Solutions

Sound Level Meters

Other Special Products

Transducer & conditioning

Hydraulic Test Stands for Commercial and Military Aircrafts

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