Josts now offers Omega Lift’s 4DML series in India. The 4DML series is a 4-directional, all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer, and all-wheel brake truck that does multi-duty as a 4-directional reach truck, a traditional forklift and a side loader. In addition to handling pallets, long loads can be negotiated through constricted aisles and narrow doorways with ease, resulting in increased storage.
日本av电影网站 All maintenance, repair and spares of Omega Lift trucks would be fully backed up by Josts sales and service offices.

For detailed information, please email at . For enquiry, please mail your required capacity and lift height.

4DML Series:

  • Capacity @ 610 mm load centre: 3,000 to 10,000 Kg.
  • Lift: 3.6 to 7.3 mts.
  • Drive: Multi-directional.
  • Tilt (Forward / Backward): 5º / 5º.
  • Engine: Diesel / LPG / Gas.
  • Travel Speed: 16 Km/h.
  • Gradeability: 15% – 20% (depending on models)