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Jorack, the range of Industrial Racks / Racking System from Josts is a perfect storage solution日本av电影网站 for all types of items / material (on pallets), as the racking system design allows the span to be configured as per specific requirement with maximised storage space, with maximum storage capacity, without compromising the aisle and other space requirements for quick movement of material.

'Jorack' Racking System / Racks is specially designed and manufactured by Josts is most effective and  economical solution for vertical space utilisation that minimises storage cost per unit load. Josts can offer innovative designs for heavy duty racking system application, with a wide range of choices from single bay of racking to high bay racking systems, Drive-in / through for uniform loads etc. For light duty applications, Josts can also work out solutions in terms mezzanine flooring racking system or multi-tier racking systems with catwalks as per customers need.

Jorack Racking System / Racks are steadfast in answering the changing needs of the industry. The racking system / racks superior quality is ensured with precise manufacturing from high quality grade steel sheets. The column and span sections of racking system / racks are rolled and punched to precise dimension to very close tolerances. All profiles of racking system / racks are then pre-treated chemically by seven tank phosphating method for increased life. The special powder coating finish in the racking system / racks ensures elegant finish and durability.

Josts offers following range Racking Systems / Racks :

  • Light Duty Racking System – Rack height up to 3 mtr with capacity of 500 kg per level.
  • Medium Duty Racking System – Rack height up to 10 mtr with capacity of 1000 kg per level.
  • Heavy Duty Racking System – Rack height up to 12 mtr with capacity of 2000 kg per level.
  • Mezzanine Racking System – Rack height up to 5 mtr with capacity of 1500 kg per level.
  • Multi-Tier Racking System – Three tyre racking system with height up to 12 mtr height and capacity of 1200 kg per level.
  • Cantilever Racking System – Rack height up to 7 mtr with capacity of 4000 kg per level.
  • Drive-in Racking System – Racks with multi-deep, multi-wide and multi-high options.
  • VNA Racking System – Rack height up to 17 mtr with capacity of 1500 kg per pallet.

Light Duty

Medium Duty

Heavy duty






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