The PMP 1200 Series is a complete range of pressure transmitters designed to optimize the relationship between price and performance while providing flexibility from a standard production device.
Applications include general purpose industrial, refrigeration, oil & gas well head monitoring and control, compressor performance monitoring and static pressure measurements in flow applications.


Features and Specs

  • Ranges from 2.5 to 15,000 psig; 5 to 15,000 psia
  • ±0.25% FS accuracy
  • Absolute and gauge format
  • NACE compatible with hastelloy C276 and 316L SS
  • Low cost, ex-stock delivery
  • Œ marked
  • UL/FM/CSA IS Class I, Div I, Groups A,B,C, and D
  • PTX 1240 Explosion-proof Class I, Div I

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