For long-term stability test with highest testing precision.

Features and Specs

Standard version of the product line “CP”:

capacitive measuring system

日本av电影网站casing in stainless-steel

door lockable

日本av电影网站interface RS 232

6 shelves

entry port ø 50 mm


日本av电影网站low noise refrigerating unit

potential-free contact for malfunction signal

Option: door with window

Your benefits:

日本av电影网站use of environmentally friendly materials and


日本av电影网站simple user-friendly operation

own CTS-controller optimized to CTS-systems

internal and external material in stainless-steel

日本av电影网站for easy cleaning

Test space capacity in liters:

500 / 1100

Temperature range:

+10 °C / +50 °C

Humidity range:

日本av电影网站10 – 90 % RH

Dew Point range I:

+7 °C / +45 °C

Dew Point range II:

日本av电影网站-5 °C /   +7 °C


Control: microprocessor control and monitoring system

Test space: stainless steel

Casing: stainless steel

日本av电影网站Refrigerants: chloride free, hermetically sealed

Humidity system: capacitive measuring


日本av电影网站add. entry ports ø 50 mm

add. shelves

add. Pt 100 for temperature measuring on test

specimen alternative reversible to controller function

door with full-size window (reduced dew-point-range < +30 °C)

日本av电影网站extended temperature range down to ± 0 °C

日本av电影网站reservoir for humidification water

temperature protection for test-specimen

日本av电影网站Touch Panel, color display LCD

CID software for programming and documentation

日本av电影网站RS 232 interface changeable to USB  RS 485

Other chamber sizes and options on request.

Pharma Climatic Test Chambers - Type CP 10/500 & Type CP 10/1100


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