From thermo paramagnetic sensors that provide stable and drift-free oxygen measurement to intrinsically safe loop-powered transmitters, we offer an oxygen analyzer for nearly any application


日本av电影网站The XMO2 transmitter provides computer-enhanced, drift-free oxygen measurement in a compact, rugged, on line transmitter. It can be used wherever accurate and reliable long-term oxygen measurement is critical to process and product quality. This includes inerting /blanketing liquid storage tanks, reactor feed gases, flare gas, catalyst regeneration, oxygen purity and many other applications.

An oxygen transmitter for use in:
• Inerting/blanketing liquid storage tanks
• Reactor feed gases
• Centrifuge gases
• Catalyst regeneration
• Solvent recovery
• Landfill gas
• Sewage wastewater digester gas
• Oxygen purity


  • Measures oxygen from 0.01 to 100 percent in gases.
  • No moving parts; maintenance-free
  • Corrosion-resistant design
  • Automatic background-gas compensation
  • Use as stand-alone transmitter or in conjuction with TMO2D or XDP display packages

日本av电影网站The Series 351 zirconia oxygen analyzer is suitable for monitoring and controlling any variable gas stream or atmosphere that is clean and dry. Typical uses include oxygen-enriched air feed to furnaces, combustivity index of blended fuel gases and oxygen content during heat bonding of plastics.


  • Measures oxygen from 0.1 ppm to 100 percent in gases
  • Accuracy increases at low oxygen concentrations
  • Fast response: 90 percent of step change in 1 second

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