Oil Testing Equipment

Oil Breakdown Voltage Test Set / Oil Dielectric Test Set (OTS Series – OTS100AF_80AF_60AF) 

  • Laboratory instruments for measuring insulating oil breakdown voltage.
  •   Lock in precision – oil vessel with lockable adjustment.
  •   Bright 3.5” colour display.
  •   Suitable for mineral, ester and silicon oils.
  •   Trip detection circuit with direct measurement of voltage and current.
  •   Ultra fast (< 10 µs) HV switch off time.

日本av电影网站Megger’s automatic laboratory Oil Testing Equipment sets perform accurate breakdown voltage tests on mineral, ester and silicon insulating liquids. Moulded test vessels give repeatable results with lock in precision electrode gap setting adjustment wheels. The transparent, shielded lid and large test chamber enable easy access to the test vessel.

日本av电影网站All three laboratory models are fitted with a 12 key alphanumeric keypad to facilitate entry of test ID, filenames, notes etc. Alpha characters are entered by repetitive pressing on a key, the same way as text is entered modern cellular telephones.


Oil PPM / Moisture Meter (offline) KF875_KFLAB MKII

  • Coulometric Karl Fischer titrimetry.
  •   KF875 optimized for insulating oil with an SG of 0.875, completely portable.
  •   KF-LAB MkII offers greater flexibility, versatility and sample data input than the KF875; also completely portable.
  •   KF-LAB MkII analyzes materials with an SG between 0.6 & 1.4, plus insulating oils with an SG of 0.875.

日本av电影网站Over 20 years experience has led to the development of the Megger KF875 and KF-LAB MkII Coulometric Karl Fischer Oil Testing Equipment Sets designed to determine moisture in oil, to provide highly accurate results on-site. The KF875 and KF-LAB MkII are highly portable instruments, complete with integral printer and carrying case, are easy to use and provide highly accurate results.

日本av电影网站Oil Testing Equipment is optimized for testing insulating oils with a specific gravity of 0.875, the Megger KF875 simply requires the operator to press one button and inject a 1ml sample into the test cell. The simple ‘one touch’ operation makes the KF875 so easy to use that it requires no specialist knowledge or training to use it effectively. Results are presented on the instrument display and on the integral printer in both micrograms of water and in milligrams per kilogram (parts per million, ppm).

The KF-LAB MkII Oil Testing Equipment allows the titration of samples with a range of specific gravities from 0.60 to 1.40 and also permits the use of different sample sizes. The KF-LAB MkII also has a default setting optimized for analyzing insulating oils with an SG of 0.875. This means it can be used to measure water content in a variety of different materials but is also easy to set up for transformer insulating oils.


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