Jennings offers over six decades of expertise in state of the art vacuum technology for the electrical, industrial, communications, and power industries. Jennings holds the notable recognition of creating the first high voltage, vacuum, variable capacitor. This revolutionary discovery in 1942, as Jennings Radio Manufacturing Company, resulted in a capacitor offering application flexibility with its variable tuning capability and its small size.

日本av电影网站Today, Jennings is known worldwide as a leader in non-thermionic vacuum components offering a full line of products including vacuum and gas filled capacitors and relays, vacuum interrupters, vacuum contactors, vacuum coaxial relays, switching matrices, and test and measurement equipment.


Features and Specs
日本av电影网站 High Voltage vacuum capacitors have unique capabilities that make them particularly well suited for high power oscillator and amplifier circuits. Through their use, designers have been able to produce transmitters that are smaller in size, offer consistently more reliable performance and are far easier to tune and keep tuned. Problem caused by dielectric breakdown, leading to expensive and critical downtime are minimized because these units are self healing after moderate overloads.

日本av电影网站In both high power transmitters and other high voltage capacitors applications is for such circuits as

  • RF Match, semiconductor fab equipment, flat panel display
  • Power amplifies tank circuits
  • Out put of pi networks
  • Neutralizing circuits
  • Grids and plate blocking circuits
  • Antenna Coupling and “rejecter” trap circuits
  • Pulse shaping in the out put circuit of magnetrons
  • Feed through capacitors for harmonic attenuation
  • Die heating equipments tank circuits
  • Low inductance, high current bay pass applications
  • Non magnetic capacitors for MRI or NMR.


High Voltage Rating
High Dielectric strength of vacuum plus freedom from dust contamination, humidity etc., permits maximum voltage rating for a given size and capacity.
High Current Rating
Low losses and rugged copper construction permit the handing of high RF currents with convection Cooling only. Some designs offer water and air cooling for extraordinary load conditions.
Space Saving
For given capacity and voltage rating, vacuum capacitors occupy a minimum amount of space.
Wide Tuning Ranges
high ratio of maximum to minimum capacity (up to 175:1) make vacuum capacitors desirable for wide tuning ranges.
Self Healing
Vacuum capacitors can withstand momentary overloads that would permanently damage other dielectric materials.
High Altitude Operation
日本av电影网站 Vacuum sealing permits the operation of vacuum capacitors at high altitude without the degradation that occurs with other types.


As the original designer and manufacturer of the vacuum variable capacitor, Jennings has amassed over five decades of proven reliability and quality.
As the original designer and manufacturer of the vacuum relay and later the vacuum diaphragm relay, Jennings has been a world leader in the development of vacuum components. The category search menu identifies relays within specific voltage ranges.
Jennings Technology designed the first vacuum interrupter in 1955. Since that time, we have been producing high quality and high reliability interrupters for the utility and industrial markets.
Jennings vacuum contactors offer one of the most reliable means available for remotely controlling electric power.
Coaxial relays
The high dielectric strength of a vacuum is one of the important features which distinguishes Jennings vacuum coaxial relays from other types of coaxial relays.
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