Nanotechnology and Analytical Solutions日本av电影网站, promises to continue the Jost’s  tradition of presenting solutions to customers rather than just products. The  Research & Development community in institutes and industries can now look forward to a fresh approach to their needs in lab based diagnostic and analytical solutions. We have a qualified experienced team to provide solutions to all diagnostics and analytical instrumentation requirements. Nanotechnology and Analytical Solutions division of Jost’s has a vision to be a partner to all the major research projects in India undertaken at major CSIR or Premium engineering institutes. Today our product portfolio comprises of various types of Lasers and Laser based diagnostic systems for flow, stress and strain.



  • Flow visualization and analysis systems viz.Hot Wire Anemometers (CTA), Laser Doppler Anemometer (LDA), Particle Image Velocimetry system (PIV)
  • Microfluidics: Micro PIV and LIF
  • Spray and Particle Characterization: PDA, IPI and Spray Geometry
  • Combustion Diagnostics: LIF, LII, TR-OH-LIF
  • Thermal Comfort
  • DIC: Digital Image Correlation
  • ESPI: Speckle Interferometry
  • Shearography: NDT
  • Lasers: Diode Lasers, Laser pumping heads, Solid State Lasers, High energy Nanosec, Femto sec, Fibre and  Ti:Sa Lasers
  • Vibration Isolation Tables, Isolators and Platform

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