Transformer Insulation Oil

日本av电影网站Accurate and reliable moisture test measurement in transformer oils. Easy to use and one button operation. Fully portable with line and battery operation for field use. Uses any commercially available reagents.

Features and Specs

  • Coulometric Karl Fischer titrimetry
  • KF875 optimized for insulating oil and tests to 0.875, completely portable
  • KF-UNI offers greater flexibility, versatility and sample data input than the KF875; also completely portable
  • KF-LAB analyzes materials with an SG between 0.6 & 1.4, plus insulating oils with an SG of 0.875
  • Suitable for use with any Coulometric Karl Fischer reagent

日本av电影网站Karl Fischer Test Sets designed to determine moisture in oil, to provide highly accurate results on-site. The KF875 and KF-UNI are highly portable instruments, complete with integral printer and carrying case, are easy to use and provide highly accurate results. The KF-LAB unit is designed specifically for lab use is mains powered only and does not include a built-in battery or carrying case.

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