The Moisture Monitor Series 35 IS (MMS 35 IS) portable hygrometer is certified intrinsically safe, is battery powered, and is housed in a damage-resistant case. When purchased with the internal sample system option, a built-in moisture probe and sampling system with process connections are included, making it a completely self-contained hygrometer system. If purchased without the internal sample system package, the MMS 35 IS requires an external moisture probe connected to the hygrometer by a cable



  • Ambient to ppb moisture range
  • Single channel
  • 12-bit moisture measurement resolution
  • Intrinsically safe, portable model
  • Optional internal sampling system
  • Optional computer-enhanced speed of response
  • Intrinsically safe, certified to Cenelec EEx ia IIC T4
  • Compatible with M Series moisture probe
  • 16-character, backlit LCD with front panel keypad

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