5kv and 10kv insulation
Designed specifically to assist with the testing and maintenance of high voltage equipment It can test when powered by the mains or from the rechargeable battery Great benefit when the conditions are unknown or when long term testing is required. Proven in energized switchyard application. Can perform test such as Insulation Resistance (IR), Dielectric Resistance Tester. Absorption Ratio (DAR), Polarisation Index (PI), Step Voltage (SV), Dielectric Discharge (DD)

Features and Specs

  • Mains or battery powered
  • Digital/analogue backlit display
  • Variable test voltage from 50 to 5000 V
  • Automatic IR, PI, DAR, SV and DD tests
  • Measures to 15 T½ (5 kV) and 35 T(10 kV)
  • RS232 and USB download of results

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