A new solder-free mounting technology simplifies the assembly of Laser Diode Bar Assemblies. In the patented technology the laser bars are clamped without soldering between two copper blocks. This gives the most reliable high power Laser Diode Bar Assemblies to our customers’ disposal. This technology avoiding smile effect and extending useful lifetime of the products.


Long LIFETIME. >20.000 hours. No mechanical stress. No maintenance required.
Widest OPERATION MODE RANGE: from nanoseconds to CW.
High BRIGHTNESS with minimum “SMILE” <0.5µm.
High EFFICIENCY >50% and compact size.
High ENERGY per laser pulse at LOW COST per Watt.
Custom BEAM DELIVERY. Fiber-coupled, direct irradiation, collimated modules.
Efficient COOLING. Conduction-cooled, Water cooled (tap water compatible). No problems of micro-channel degradation.
Broad range of WAVELENGHTS, 635-2000 nm.
Wide STORAGE temperature, -60°C to +85°C.
日本av电影网站 High FLEXIBILITY, for a wide range of applications.



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Laser Diode Bar Assemblies

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Laser Diode Bar Assemblies

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