Laboratory ovens for universal use


  • material tests
  • Ageing of computer chips
  • run complex experiments with highly sensitive loads,
  • drying or tempering electronic components,
  • hardening plastic resin
  • Heating plasticine.

The U universal heating ovens / drying ovens stands for unparalleled precise, even and gentle temperature control.
Temperature range up to +300 °C
9 model sizes (32 to 1060 litres volume)
2 model variants: SingleDISPLAY and TwinDISPLAY
Natural convection or forced air circulation N/F


  • intuitive and easy-to-use operating menu
  • air exchange rates and air flap position electronically controllable temperature and air exchange ramps programmable via AtmoControl software (models with TwinDISPLAY)
  • pre-heated fresh air prevents temperature fluctuations
  • almost exclusive use of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and easily cleanable stainless steel for the working chamber and housing
  • heating concept specifically adapted for a precise and homogenous temperature control
  • a wide range of options for programming and documentation using interfaces, integrated data logger and Software AtmoCONTROL

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