The Josts’s electric scissor pallet truck JPEX 10 can be used as a hand pallet truck or work table or workbenches. The JPEX 10 electric scissor pallet truck with lifting arrangement help the operator to lift the material at required height and also can move the material after job completion.  The compact power pack and battery unit eases the lifting operation of electric scissor pallet truck.

The electric scissor pallet truck reduces operator fatigue by avoiding unnecessary bending and heavy lifting.


Features and Specs :

  • Available in capacity of 1000 kg.
  • Simple Structure with good appearance.
  • One cylinder system guarantees.
  • No risk of oil leakage.
  • No risk of dropping to the second piston suddenly.
  • Newest design of handle.
  • Quick lift function doubles the lifting speed for lifting loads less than 250 kg.
  • Built in battery and charger resulting in a low center of gravity and excellent maneuverability.

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