日本av电影网站The investigation of gas flows frequently comprises flow visualization as one of the first  steps to get insight into flow processes. Flow visualization is used in many cases to locate regions of special interest for further detailed analysis by means of e.g. Laser Doppler Anemometry or Particle Image Velocimetry.

日本av电影网站The SAFEX® Fog Generators are powerful, yet small devices. A white, dense fog which is non-irritant, nonflammable and non-hazardous is generated by evaporation and condensation of a water-based fog liquid.


日本av电影网站The application of optical flow measurement techniques to gas and liquid flows usually requires artificial seeding of the flow. Depending on the optical configuration and the overall conditions, tracer particles must fulfill different requirements. Results can be considerably improved by careful selection of the seeding material.


  • Optimum seeding for a wide range of applications
  • Fluorescent particles give improved vector maps from PIV applications close to walls or through dirty windows
  • Fluorescent particles enable simultaneous two-phase measurements with PIV (liquid-gas, liquid-solid)
  • Non-toxic materials

PSP: 日本av电影网站Polyamide Seeding Particles are produced by polymerisation processes and therefore have a round but not exactly spherical shape. These microporous particles are highly recommendable for water flow applications.

HGS, S-HGS: 日本av电影网站Hollow Glass Spheres and Silver Coated Hollow Glass Spheres are borosilicate glass particles with a spherical shape and a smooth surface, preferably for liquid flow applications.

FPP: 日本av电影网站Fluorescent Polymer Particles are based on melamine resin. The fluorescence dye is homogeneously distributed over the entire particle volume. In applications with a high background light level, fluorescent seeding particles can improve the quality of vector maps from PIV and LDA measurements significantly.


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