The Exhaust Gas Analyser日本av电影网站 trim system further expands the MM. It measures and displays O2, CO2, CO, NO, SO2, exhaust temperature and boiler efficiency. This data is fed back to the MM, which inflicts minute corrections on the air damper position. This ensures that the originally entered commissioning data is adhered to irrespective of variations in stack pressure, barometric conditions or changes in fuel temperature and quality.

Features and Spces

The trim function is achieved by every paired value of air and fuel having stored values for O2, CO2 and CO. Additional values for each of these gases are stored for “Fuel Rich” and “Air Rich” at a known deviation angle from the commissioned value. This data is processed and expressed as an angular correction value. In this way an exact amount of air damper trim may be inflicted at any time to return the system to its commissioned value at any load condition.

Each Exhaust Gas Analyser module can be connected to an energy management system to track and record the information that is generated by the EGA system. To expand the MM system to the EGA specification, the additional sampling unit and exhaust gas-sampling probe is required. The MM/EGA control form uses P+I+D feed forward and interpolates between all entered data. It also carries error-checking self-diagnostic software for self-identification of system component or data handling failure. With the Display Pod, an EGA can be used as a stand-alone on-line exhaust gas analyser.

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