BIW EV Charging Connectors are intended for Fast Charging Applications for electrical vehicles. Most applications are industrial off road vehicles, such as airport tow tractors and push-back tractors. There are also on-road applications, where connectors are also used to charge electric busses, neighborhood electric vehicles, and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Connectors are intended for heavy duty applications, with charging currents from 30 to 450 Amperes. Some connectors are UL recognized.


Features and Specs

The BIW Charging Connector Receptacles (“Inlets”) are supplied with pin contacts. These receptacles require the use of suitable power contactors. The Charging Plugs are supplied with socket contacts. Large connectors are available with Low Insertion Force contacts for easy engagement. Plug Connectors are always supplied integrally molded to cable, for superior strain relief and resistance to the entrance of fluids.
Some connectors are suitable for up to 10,000 engagement cycles

Features & Benefits

  • Power Contacts suitable for charging currents of up to 450 Amperes
  • Low Insertion Force contacts, even for large, heavy-duty connectors
  • Options for control switches and LED status indicators
  • Connector Plugs are integrally molded to cables for superior strain relief and to prevent the entrance of fluids

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