When block stacking is not an option, the Drive-in Racking System / Racks is ideal for filling large areas of a warehouse with multi-deep, multi-wide and multi-high blocks of pallets.

The Jost’s Drive-in Racking System / Racks is usually specified for first-in-first-out & first-in-last-out storage situations. This will be ideal solution where the variation of loads are minimum and all loads are uniform in nature. Cold stores often specify this type of racking as it is 日本av电影网站an ideal method when storing predictable batch movements of palletised loads.

The Drive-in Racking System / Racks provides blocks of static storage where pallets are stored two or more deep. It offers restricted selectivity of individual pallets but provides effective high density storage with good use of the ‘cube’.  The continuous blocks of racking (no aisles) allows for truck access directly into the system placing goods next in line, one behind the other on cantilevered rails each side of the lane. Guide Rails isolated form super-structure can be provided on the floor within the Drive-in Racking System / Racks to guide the MHE (Material Handling Equipments) safely, preventing them from hitting the super-structure.

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