Dock Leveler


Josts Hydraulic Dock Levelers have been designed to provide a robust bridge to cover the gap between the dock and the vehicle bed. The dock levelers日本av电影网站 are designed to move up and down to suit the varied heights of the vehicle, so that MHE can be directly taken in and out of the vehicles. They enhance safety and productivity by avoiding double handling of the loads. Josts supplies dock levelers of 5 / 10 / 15 ton capacities to suit customers exact requirement.

Josts hydraulic dock leveler comprises of following range:

  • HDL 50 – Capacity of 5000 kg (dynamic load).
  • HDL 10 – Capacity of 10,000 kg capacity (dynamic load).
  • HDL 150 - Capacity of 15,000 kg capacity (dynamic load)
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