The DigitalFlow GF868 ultrasonic flow meter uses the patented Correlation Transit-Time™ technique, digital signal processing, and an accurate method of calculating molecular weight. Add to these features the inherent advantages of ultrasonic flow measurement—reliability with no routine maintenance, high accuracy,fast response, wide rangeability—and the DigitalFlowGF868 flow meter is the clear choice for flare gas applications.

Features and Specs

  • Measures velocity, volumetric and mass flow
  • Measures instantaneous average molecular weight
  • Measures hydrocarbon gases
  • Minimal maintenance due to no moving parts, no holesor tubes, and tolerance to dirty or wet conditions
  • Delivers accurate flow rate, independent of gas composition
  • Measures very low to very high velocity
  • Field-proven installation techniques
  • Built-in totalizers
  • Built-in power supply for pressure and temperature transmitters
  • 2750 to 1 turndown ratio

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