The new DataFlex-1000 represents a true breakthrough in highly flexible data recording and analysis. Capable of being utilized as a high-performance, stand-alone data recorder/replay unit; a virtual lab instrument; or full-function data analyzer when integrated with DSPCon’s analytical software packages, the DataFlex-1000 offers truly flexible performance to meet your exact functionality and budgetary requirements. Specifically designed to accommodate analog and digital requirements for a wide variety of telemetry, voice and video data storage applications, the DataFlex-1000 features a number of high-capacity, “hot-swappable” storage options, an unique ‘one-box” design with complete touch-screen control and an analog bandwidth capacity of 97.2 kHz per channel with anti-alias filtering and no degradation of bandwidth as channel count increases, regardless if your channel count is 16 or over 1,000.


Features and Specs

  • Full system control via unique touch-screen display
  • Flexible signal inputs/outputs including Ethernet, IRIG-B, analog monitor channel and audio annotation. 10 MHz reference input.
  • IRIG–B time code recording with real-time display and output during replay
  • Produces and accepts a variety of data formats including CATS, DATX, UFF-58, EDAS RAW and others
  • Compatible with and a replacement for many popular recorder models
  • Spreadsheet configuration option
  • Optional software provides functionality of multiple, traditional laboratory instruments without the bulk or cost
  • Full graphical replay tool provided for digital replay and flexible analysis of data

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