1. Building Acoustics

Building Acoustics is the assessment of sound insulation in buildings and building elements. It is important for the well-being of people in their homes, workplace or public venues, and minimum standards are set in the building regulations of each country.
The assessment is based on measured 1/3 octave or 1/1 octave spectra within the 50 – 5000 Hz range. Measurements are carried out in real time (all bands simultaneously).

2. Sound Sources

日本av电影网站For the proper measurement of building acoustics a range of sound sources is required that should fulfil the relevant standards, for example ISO140. Brüel & Kjær’s range of sound sources are optimised for building acoustics and include omnidirectional sources for excitation of rooms and partitions, and tapping machines for floor excitation.

3. Vibration Meters

日本av电影网站A range of basic and advanced vibration meters and accessories to cover all demands from level checks to in-depth analysis.

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