Association with Monocrom Electronics of Spain

We are pleased to announce our association with Monocrom Electronics of Spain in our Nanotechnology and Analytical Solutions product line.
Monocrom has extensive experience in the field of laser technology, specializing in Laser Diode Modules, High power Diode modules (Laser Diode Bar Assemblies) and on R&D Laser services and customized lasers for Space and Defence applications.

日本av电影网站Since 1993, monocrom as CREATORS of light, design and manufacture low and high power laser components, for a wide range of applications namely Industry, Telecommunications, Metrology, Bio-medical, Aero-spatial & defence, Space, Automotives, Environmental protection, Art restoration, Entertainment, Research, Robotics and Automation, Nanotechnology.

日本av电影网站Monocrom develops laser diode modules both as an end product and as a component to be integrated into the customer’s laser equipments. Monocrom has developed a new concept of mounting high power diode bars. In the patented technology, exclusive from monocrom, the laser bars are clamped without soldering within two copper blocks which serve as electrode as well as heat sinks.

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