The BIW Gemini Installable Connector is manufactured from glass-reinforced nylon, a material with high mechanical strength, excellent impact resistance, and good heat deflection properties to 250C. The connector utilized the field-proven BIW replaceable Bullnose contact section, and thus provides the user with the best characteristics of thermoplastic materials and the best characteristics of thermoset materials.


Features and Specs

The connector is easily installable at a suitable electrical repair facility. When assembled, the connector is filled with a high temperature, electrical grade encapsulent. The material cures to usable hardness in less than 2 hours.
Gemini connectors are intended for use with a variety of cable types. Both US and European types of single jacketed may be used. US types of banded cables and most European twisted cables may also be used.
Connector kits may be ordered with up to four control switches and up to two LED indicator lamps

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