The Piranha III family of Data Recorderss has been specifically designed to handle the most demanding commercial aerospace, defense and government test applications. Incorporating a unique, open standards architecture with commercial, off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and powerful software components, Piranha III systems are complete, multi-channel, end-to-end solutions for dynamic signal testing applications such as acoustic, vibration and shock analysis of satellites, missiles and ordnance as well as wind tunnel, rotating machinery and jet engine testing. Available in PC and VME configurations, Piranha III systems provide the ultimate in processing power, bandwidth, channel capacity and analytical software capability and have been system engineered to conduct time-critical testing in R&D and laboratory environments where errors, delays and re-tests cannot be tolerated.


Features and Specs

  • Industry’s Highest Channel Capacity: Unlimited for VME version. 32-64 channels for PC version.
  • Sample rate of up to 256K samples per second, 24-bit A/D optionally rounded to 16 bits.
  • Utilizes SAN technology for optional remote storage, monitoring and control via Fiber Channel or Ethernet.
  • Wide variety of high-availability, scalable storage solutions including removable media, JBODs and RAIDs.
  • Supports a wide variety of data storage options, including CDROM, DVD ROM, AIT tape and removable media.
  • New High-Speed and Low-Speed Modules available as cost-effective, easy-to-implement upgrades for existing 32-channel Piranha III VME systems with available chassis space.
  • Available with DSPCon’s new “Direct from DSPCon” Integrated Signal Conditioning Program for worry-free, single-source procurement of all signal conditioning components, cabling, software and integration.

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